Welcome to the team to prevent blindness, whose objective is to develop a ground-breaking program of research into major causes of blindness. Established thanks to the shared support of the Faculty of Medicine and Capital Health, our focus is developing a network of scientists committed to generating fresh insights into blinding diseases and training future generations of researchers.

Team to Prevent Blindness Group Photo
Members of the Team to Prevent Blindness (Left-right): Ted Allison, Ordan Lehmann, Andrew Waskiewicz, Mike Walter, Joe Casey, Yves Sauve.

Our Research

Our focus is primarily on glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness in Canada, and benefits from an inter-disciplinary team of investigators with clinical, genetic, molecular and physiological approaches to eye disease. Applying state-of-the-art genetic technologies to identify causes of glaucoma and then using the information to develop innovative therapies, will provide novel opportunities to impact this debilitating disease.

Acknowledgement of Financial Support

Faculty of Medicine - University of Alberta                    Canadian Institutes of Health Research

We support the goals of Vision 2020

We support the goals of Vision 2020